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The role individuals take in a business and how this can lead to success or failure has always fascinated me. The ability of different people to make decisions, analyse information and focus on the important details is key to a successful business. 

Over recent years I have chaired conferences with Food Matters Live, presented workshops at chaired discussion platforms at the Farm Innovation Show, presented for the EU at the International Food Expo in Milan, delivered stand alone workshops with partners such as the CLA and co-run international workshops on farm retailing. These events have all been designed to challenge individuals to take personal ownership of making a difference in their business. 

The key presentation topics I deliver are:

  • Succession Planning: My talks and presentations on succession planning are designed to address many of the family and individual challenges people face during the process. Topics will include; establishing an objective, personal accountability, 4 stages of succession, identifying the four key plans which need to be created and how to take the first step. 
  • Diversifying your Farm Business: Using a range of case studies, leadership methods and data, my presentations provide attendees with inspiration and practical steps they can take to set up or improve the performance of their diversification business. 
  • Farm Retailing: Ideas and solutions to creating a farm retail business that focuses on providing a real experience for customers focuses heavily in my presentations. A key to many presentations will be looking at how the people behind the business need to think and act in order to create a successful and inspiring farm shop or farmers' market. 

Please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call to talk about your event and how I could add value to delivery.