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The pressure for farms to add alternative incomes into the farm has never been stronger, the immanent loss of the BPS support and pressures on commodity production are making many farms to look at ways to diversify.

For over 17 years I have worked with farms across the UK to help them set up and manage their businesses. Over the years I have helped set up new farm shops, campsites, vineyards and added value food businesses. The work has included apprising business plans for banks, drafting improvement plans, mentoring the business owner through the business creation process, writing planning justification documents and securing grant support in order to compete.

My in-depth knowledge on the subject has enabled me to comment nationally on farm diversification and I have been fortunate enough to have been asked to speak at many conferences on the subject including; The Farm Innovation Show, FARMA Events and the Farm Stay conference. I have also judged the diversification category of the Farmers Weekly award for two years and written extensively for industry publications.

Weather you are just starting to explore the process of diversification or have a detailed idea but just need some guidance and support to bring the project together then I would enjoy seeing how I can help you and the business through this change. 

Not all business perform as well as you hope. If the business performance needs to be focussed on or you need to explore how you lead the business then spending time looking at these areas of the business would be valuable by using a range of business mentoring and vison setting processes I would support you in identifying and implementing improvement strategies. 

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