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Charity Managment

As a charity trustee, you take on a great deal of responsibility and are required to dedicate a significant amount of time to make your charity a success. However, by utilizing experienced management approaches, you can reduce the time required and increase the impact of your charity.

Michael has worked with several charities, including the Family Mediation Trust, where he served as the acting CEO. During his time with the Trust, Michael was able to enhance its management approach, develop a strong marketing plan, create a new delivery arm, increase client contracts and impact, and handle budgets, HR, and team issues.

Michael believes that running a charity is about effectively achieving your objectives, whether that's protecting the environment, supporting families, or providing relief to those in need. To maximize impact, you need to focus on sound business strategies while also seeking new solutions to challenges. When you get the balance right, the rewards can be substantial.

With his extensive experience and proven track record, Michael is well-equipped to help your charity achieve its goals and make a lasting impact. Let him help you bring your vision to life and achieve success.