Transferring a farm between generations is never an easy process. Both generations often have a lot of built-up anxiety around succession planning and this is why its often left very late, this makes the process even harder to get right. 

I have worked with farming families to help them to navigate the tricky process of integrating the next generation into the farm and in helping the older generation moving on. 

My work on the topic started when I set up the 'Growing Business Award' with Norfolk YFC over 12 years ago. I was also fortunate enough to undertake a Nuffield Scholarship which looked at the issue of Succession Planning and how it is dealt with across the world. 

By working through a structured process with the family, I will hold both generations hands throughout the whole process. This process will aim to help each generation to identify what's important to them and what their responsibilities are to make the process a positive experience. This in turn, helps them to identify the big issues and manage them.

I have also developed an approach to mentor the younger generation through the earlier periods of the processes of getting involved in the business. Over a monthly process I will challenge them and support their skills development to enable them to have the confidence to play an ever increasing role in making the business a success.

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