The BREXIT transition means that farms and rural businesses will need to identify new income streams to make a project happen. These have traditionally been through grants such as the LEADER funds and the Productivity Schemes. 

During the transition period there is likely to be a number of funding opportunities available, however, these may only run for a short period or be for a specific type of activity. Often it will only be the fleet-of-foot who succeed in gaining this support.

I have previously worked for DEFRA managing European grant funds across the East of England and have secured funding for the region in the form of three LEADER bids and the regional skills fund (LANDKILLS EAST). Over the last 12 months I have secured funds from LEADER, Growth Fund and Productivity fund for projects such as campsites, new farm shops, no till drills and reservoirs. During this period, I have had a 100% success rate.

My approach to a funding application focuses identifying the passion for the project from the applicant for the project and matching this with being able to understand what the funder is looking to achieve with the grant.

Often businesses don’t know they are able to get support and a quick chat with me will often highlight a possible support fund.

Increasingly Invitations To Tenders are used as a way for local councils and government organisations to issue to businesses contracted schemes of work. 

On occasions businesses will be looking to tender for work directly from the government or local authorities. These tenders could be for a variety of projects such as; composting contract or schemes of work. I have been successful in supporting both farming businesses and institutions such as the University of East Anglia in securing these contracts.

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