Businesses of all type need to constantly look at ways of improving performance. The improvement could be needed due to a change in the trading environment, a change in the management team or simply due to the need for new ideas. 

Consulting for many rural business and having run both the Farm Retail Association and the Norfolk Family Mediation Service I have developed the skills to be able to identify the fundamental challenges in a business and then to implement a plan for improving the delivery approach. 

With the Farm Retail Association (FARMA) I performed the Managing Agents role for over three years, during this time the association moved from one making a loss and loosing members to one that had built a cash reserve and was becoming a core partner to organisations such as DEFRA, Food Standards Agency and the Soil Association. This was achieved by focusing on membership management, creating membership values and implementing a marketing strategy.  

At the start of January 2019 I took on the role of the Norfolk Family Mediation Service, a 36 year old charity focusing on the delivery of family mediation during relationship breakdowns. In this time we have implemented a focused plan looking at the customers journey through the business. Over the first year I have been able to improve performance across the business by approximately 20% while also reducing the reliance on grant funding, improving the resilience of the business. This focus, along with a new marketing plan and scrutiny of expenditure has already shown significant performance improvements.

August 2019 I was contracted to deliver CEO functions for the Cambridge Family Mediation Service. The first 6 months in the role have seen the implementation of a new financial management approach, recruitment of new staff across the service. 

The above examples are in-depth approaches, additionally I have worked with a lot of businesses through mentoring or one off consultancy which have focused on implementing a strategic business improvement strategy.  

If your business needs to improve I would be happy to explore the best way of developing and implementing a strategy that helps achieve your objectives.